Why being vegan is not a choice

Imagine you are visiting a friend and they have prepared a dinner for you. You can see that it’s some kind of meat, looking delicious. You start eating it, it tastes nice, you are impressed by your friend’s culinary skills. You tell them that it’s really good and ask them what it is. They tell you that it’s a dog meat and how difficult it was to get it and how lucky you are that you’re their guest today and got to taste this nice and tender piece of dog meat. Wait, what? You probably spat it out or at least are sitting shocked with a piece in your mouth not being able to swallow it.

Ok, let’s say you haven’t started eating it yet. Your friend is quite considerate and warned you that this is dog meat before offering it to you. Would you eat it? I guess, not. And this is not a choice. You do not choose not to eat dog meat. You just can’t do it. Can’t emotionally, morally, empathetically. Not to eat dog meat is not a choice for you, because you couldn’t choose to eat it.

The same is for vegans. Many people are considerate and understanding when it comes to food allergies or intolerances, like nut allergy or gluten intolerance, but they often do not apply this to vegans. But they should. Because, just as you can’t eat a dog, the same way we can’t eat any kind of animal products. So it’s not a choice. We just can’t.


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